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About Us

Take time to do what makes your soul happy…

CDBloom is dedicated in providing you with the highest possible quality, variety, and value in fresh flowers, coffee, tea, delicious locally crafted treats, and other original items. We place tremendous emphasis on attention to detail in everything that we do – to us, this means supporting local brands, being conscious of our environmental footprint, and by connecting with each person that walks through our door.


About Cindy

Right out of high school, recognizing that working for a living was unavoidable, Cindy was determined she was going to do something that was not going to feel like work! She thought becoming a Floral Designer sounded like a fun job, and from that moment on she never looked back! After 30+ years, which have been filled with so much beauty, creativity, and a lot of hard work, Cindy continues to work her magic in floral design – it has been and will always be her greatest passion! Or, as she likes to put it “Once it’s part of your soul, it stays with you forever and you feel empty without it”.

Cindy is over the moon excited to have her very own space in which she can continue to do what she loves and to share her knowledge and passion with her wonderful community.


About Jim

For some 30+ years, Jim has been designing & creating beautiful kitchens and custom cabinetry for people’s homes. His attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none. Excited for a change in pace, Jim now turns his focus onto crafting a finely-tailored signature espresso or tea beverage. His warm smile and twinkle in his eye will greet you as you walk into our Studio. He’s a man of few words but don’t let that fool you, for he enjoys a good chat about fly-fishing, camping and sports!

Jim is looking forward to the future where he can enjoy the finer things in life……like an amazing cup of coffee and spending time along side of his wife – Cindy.



Local & Canadian Brands We Support:



my design studio card

Whenever the feeling strikes you, you can drop in & design with My Studio Card.

  1. Load your card with the amount desired.
  2. Drop-in for an hour or two & arrange your florals.
  3. We charge your card on your way out.